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Koetsu är en lika beundrad som respekterad tillverkare utav några av världens finaste och mest esoteriska pickuper.

I gränslandet mellan konst och teknik så skapar Koetsu produkter med unika kvaliteter, där målsättningen är att förmedla musikens allra innersta väsen. Det kan låta både ambitiöst och pretentiöst, men resultatet talar för sig självt. Dessa pickuper erbjuder en närvaro och innerlighet som ingen annan där musiken återges som en levande musikalisk helhet.

Pickuperna ifrån Koetsu görs för hand i mycket limiterade upplagor varje år. I sortimentet så hittar vi tre nivåer och familjer – Black, Rosewood & Urushi samt modellerna i mineralsten ifrån Onyx Platinum hela vägen upp till Blue Lace.

Black har en kropp i aluminium, där Rosewood är uppbyggd av rosewood, Urushi av lackerad rosewood och där toppmodellerna Onyx Platinum och uppåt består av olika former av mineralsten. Här kan du läsa mer om de olika serierna och vad som skiljer dem åt.

Vi har modeller ifrån alla tre serier för demonstration – Rosewood Standard, Urushi Vermillion och toppmodellen Blue Lace.

Varmt välkommen till oss för att uppleva dessa magiska musikförmedlare.

Här hittar du mer information om det kompletta utbudet av pickuper.

Koetsu Rosewood Signature

Historia och bakgrund (eng)

Yoshiaki Sugano

Every audiophile music lover knows of the legendary sound of Koetsu phono cartridges from decades past. Those old enough to have experienced Sugano’s Koetsus retain the memory of a musical experience unequaled. Few were privilegedd to own and enjoy a Koetsu. Many of the converted searched out second and third Koetsus, assuring a long, cherished relationship.

Now, in analog’s Golden Renaissance and through the efforts of Sugano’s sons, Koetsu phono cartridges are again available. Though limited in quantity due to their personal, handbuilt nature, the Sugano family offers a range of models including the Rosewoods, the Urushi, and the ultimate Koetsu, the Onyx Platinum.

To fully appreciate Koetsu, we must know Yosiaki Sugano, artist, musician, swordsman, calligrapher, business executive and creator of the world’s most renowned phono cartridges. In his youth, choral singing introduced him to western music, He pursued sword making, dueling, calligraphy and painting, emulating his hero, the 17th century Japanese landmard figure, Honami Koetsu. In postwar Japan, Sugano rose to prominence in one of Japan’s largest industrial companies, yet continued to pursue his passions, now including hi-fi.

In the 1970’s, Sugano began to experiment with phono cartridges by substituting his own parts in commercially available models. His keen ear and deductive reasoning, combined with an artist’s sensibilities, led to the creation of what would become a legend in audio. Sensing the moment, Sugano named his cartridge after his hero, Koetsu.

Sugano’s quest led him to enlist universities, specialized industries and master craftspeople to create the special parts to go into his masterpieces. One of the first to use 4 nines copper (99.99% pure), curent production uses 6 nines copper (99.9999% pure). Platinum signature models feature silver cladding of the 6 nines copper, a process where a silver sheath is slowly drawn over the copper conductor.

Ultra-pure iron square plate formers were sourced for their most predictable magnetic characteristics and lowest oxidation. Pre-aged to the perfect consistency, rubber suspension parts are sourced under license with a rubber damper manufacturer. Special magnetic materials, including Alnico have been featured. Today, samarium-coblalt is used with platinum magnets reserved for the flagship models. Japanese craftsmen carve the rosewood bodies, lacquer coat the Urushi bodies, or cut stone for the onyx Platinum. Styli are specially designed and precision ground for Koetsu.

Today, Sugano’s sons have revived his art and continue to create musical masterpieces under the watchful eye of the old master. For every music lover, your journey to musical nirvana is incomplete without a Koetsu phono cartridge in your system.

Källa: Artisan Fidelity

Tester och utmärkelser

Koetsu Blue Onyx - Hifi+

Clearly, the Blue Onyx is one magnificent cartridge. It’s among the finest you could ever hope to hear, with few peers when it comes to turning those squiggly grooves into living breathing music.

Hi-fi+ har testat Koetsu Blue

Koetsu Blue Onyx - Hifi+
Onyx Platinum

EDITORS CHOICE. As much as it pains me to sanction the ludicrous pricing of high-end MCs, there is no escaping the stunning sonic experience afforded by Koetsu’s Onyx.

Hifi-news har testat Koetsu Onyx Platinum

REVIEWERS CHOICE. This is the cartridge I use for serious, personal listening. When the closed sign is on the door and the reviewer hat hangs on the doorknob, the Onyx is my personal choice. And that’s the highest compliment I can give this cartridge. It is pure analog joy.

Tone Audio har testat Koetsu Onyx Platinum

All in all, the Koetsu Onyx Platinum communicated color, texture, touch, and musical nuance to an extent and in a combination that I’d never before heard…

Stereophile har testat Koetsu Onyx Platinum


An absolute gem of a cartridge and one that I can recommend without any hesitation!

Positive Feedback har testat Koetsu Urushi Azule

Urushi Vermillion - Dagogo
Urushi Vermillion

As for me I am sold on Koetsu as my reference cartridge and now the stone body platinum is replacing my Urushi.

Dagogo har testat och jämfört Koetsu Urushi Vermillion,
Azule Platinum och Tiger Eye Platinum

Urushi Sky Blue

As I wear my heart on my sleeve, you know the verdict: this moving-coil is my dream lover.

Hi-fi News har testat Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue (PDF)

It may be confidently recommended on grounds of pure excellence and is a well balanced performer in all respects.

Hifi Critic har testat Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue (PDF)

Koetsu Rosewood Signature - The Absolute Sound
Rosewood Signature

This is one of the easiest recommendations I’ve ever made, in essence a gift for the music lover who would like to kick back at the end of a long day and just enjoy the music.

The Absolute Sound har testat Koetsu Rosewood Signature (PDF).

Koetsu Rosewood Standard - Stereophile
Rosewood Standard

The Koetsu let the Varèse fill my listening room, conveying the work’s unusual spirit better than any of the other cartridges in this survey.

Stereophile har testat Koetsu Rosewood Standard

Koetsu Black - The Audiophile Man

The Audiophile Man har testat Koetsu Black.

Offering a low noise performance and producing a performance of sparkling clarity, the Koetsu Black is tonally fascinating. The fact that it stretched the boundaries of the soundstage and allowed each instrument to flourish also means that you will be finding new details in even the most familiar of music.


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